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student - Delhi/NCR

Grade 11, CBSE | Computer Science

Very good online learning platform

Shayamali Gupta

student - Rajasthan

Grade 12, CBSE | Arabic

I am started loving these live learning sessions, my parents are also very happy to see my progress.

Anjali Sikka

student - Uttar Pradesh

Grade 12, ICSE | Maths

I realized that online teaching is comparatively more effective way to learn that too at the comfort of home.

Rahul Dhavan

student - Delhi/NCR

Grade 12, ICSE | Accountancy

All my mentors are approachable and always guide and motivate me for my future aspirations.

Sumit Talwar

student - Delhi/NCR

Grade 12, CBSE | Mathematics

I am overwhelmed with the exceptional level of patience and commitment of the faculty members.

Priyanka Chowdhary

student - Delhi/NCR

Grade 12, CBSE | Mathematics

Personalized coaching helped me identifying my learning gaps and enables me scoring good marks.